The European super-speed Racer helicopter demonstrator will be flying by the end of the year!

Among the many lessons that emerged from the Ukraine war, the vulnerability of combat helicopters was particularly highlighted, to the point that despite obvious material superiority in this area, Russian air combat capabilities were largely under-exploited after the disaster of the attack on Hostomel airport. Because of their low speed, the Russian aircraft were easily targeted by Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems, and in particular MANPADS infantry missiles. In addition, the destruction on the ground of nearly 40 aircraft on the Kherson base by artillery strikes also highlighted the obligation to deploy these aircraft to…

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The United Arab Emirates turns to the MICA VL NG missile for its Gowind 2500 corvettes

In November 2017, the United Arab Emirates confirmed the order for two Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French military shipbuilder Naval Group. If many of the equipment selected by Abu Dhabi were of French origin, the anti-aircraft defense was then entrusted to the American couple formed by the vertical launch system VLS Mk41 and the anti-aircraft missile ESSM Block 2, the new version of the heir to the Sea Sparrow. But according to the Naval News site, the Emirati authorities have changed their posture, to turn to the French MICA VL NG missile from the MBDA missile, a new version of the MICA VL surface-to-air missile itself derived from the very…

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