The US Navy funds a drone program with a range of more than a week

Among the lessons learned from the Ukraine war, the preponderant role of reconnaissance drones in the conduct of military operations probably represents, if not the greatest surprise, in any case the most obvious confirmation of the transformations that are now taking place in the field. high-intensity military action. The success of the Ukrainian armies in the face of more numerous and powerfully armed Russian forces is in fact largely based on the perfect integration of a device combining an innovative communication system to coordinate the units deployed with the information reported by different types of drones ranging from MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) lightweight…

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Visiting the Capitol, the Greek Prime Minister wants to acquire the F-35 and warns against Turkey

Since the beginning of the 70s, ie even before its accession to the European Union (1981), Athens has always pursued a balanced strategy of equipping its air forces, relying simultaneously on American and French aircraft. In the 70s and 80s, the Mirage F1s evolved under a blue and white cockade alongside the F4 Phantom 2, F5 Tiger II and A7 Corsair 2, while in the 90s, the Hellenic Mirage 2000s completed its fleet of F-16s. Today, the Greek authorities intend to extend this model which gave convincing results to contain the tensions with the Turkish neighbor, by acquiring French Rafales, and…

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After Belgium, Colombia is preparing to order the CAESAR mounted cannon from French Nexter

Since entering service in 2008, the Canon Equipped with a Nexter Artillery System, or CAESAR, has met with significant operational and commercial success. Successfully employed by French gunners in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Mali, and by its international users in Cambodia (Thailand) and Yemen (Saudi Arabia), the French system has demonstrated excellent operational qualities, combining high mobility at high reach (up to 40 km with ERFB shells, more than 50 km with added propulsion shells), as well as high accuracy even with unguided shells. These qualities were put to good use by the French artillery…

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