Greece ready to spend €2 billion to modernize its Leopard 1 and 2 heavy tanks

If the United States and some of the Europeans tend to soften their positions vis-à-vis Turkey, the Greek authorities and military, for their part, are far from sharing this hope about a possible change of method. and objectives on the part of the Turkish President, R. T Erdogan, and a normalization of relations with Ankara. While Greece can rely on solid growth of 8,1% in 2021 and more than 7% expected in 2022, and its public finances are again in the green, Athens can now focus on modernizing its its ground forces, after devoting…

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Colombia becomes a "major ally" of the United States

The war in Ukraine has generated a certain radicalization at the level of international relations, in Europe of course, but also on the whole planet. In this context, President Maduro's Venezuela did not fail to play an important card, by displaying unfailing support for Moscow from the outset of the conflict, and by systematically voting against the texts targeting the Russian Federation at the United Nations. . For Caracas, it is a question of securing the good graces of the Kremlin, whose military support and in terms of arms exports are essential to maintaining the regime in place. If the rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing dates from…

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After the Freedoms, the US Navy's Independence LCS are facing major failures

The more time passes, the more the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship program, supposed to prefigure developments in littoral naval combat, seems to join the long list of technological and operational impasses which the Pentagon has made a specialty of over the past 30 years. . After having, in 2014, abandoned the principle of combat module which was to allow the two Freedom and Independence classes constituting the program to have advanced operational flexibility by equipping themselves, according to needs, with anti-ship warfare capabilities, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence and electronic warfare or mine warfare, the staff of the US navy has never ceased to…

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