Will Russia lose its army in Ukraine?

Since the 2008 military intervention in Georgia, Russian conventional military power had been a powerful tool at the service of the Kremlin, both to intimidate its neighbors and to bring Russia back to the forefront of the international geopolitical scene. The successes recorded in Crimea and then in Syria created an aura of power that allowed Moscow to impose itself on several occasions in Europe but also in Africa. This same conventional power, backed by the immense deterrent force of the Russian nuclear arsenal, largely explains the sometimes timorous attitude of Westerners in support of Ukraine during the first weeks of the conflict, when very few believed that…

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The F-35 program still faces significant delays and additional costs

In recent months, the F-35 has won in many international competitions, including in Europe Whether in Switzerland, Finland, Canada or Germany, the Lockheed-Martin device has systematically taken over on its Western counterparts, such as the American Super Hornet, or the European Rafale, Typhoon and Gripen. Paradoxically, at the same time, the Pentagon announced that it intended to reduce the number of F-35s which will be acquired by 2025, and this in a substantial way. Indeed, despite its undeniable commercial success, the device continues to face significant delays regarding the availability of the version…

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