Lessons from the War in Ukraine: The Vulnerability of Frontline Armor

According to the Oryx site, which refers to the losses documented by both sides since the beginning of the conflict, the Russian armies have so far lost more than 550 heavy tanks, of which more than half were destroyed by anti-tank missiles, artillery strikes or by enemy tanks. The situation is essentially the same for armored combat vehicles (350 including 150 destroyed) and infantry combat vehicles (600 including 350 destroyed), which represents half of all front line armored vehicles deployed by the Russia around Ukraine before the fighting started. Fact,…

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The US Navy wants to eliminate 5 squadrons of electronic warfare aircraft EA-18G Growler

Since the retirement of the last EF-111A Ravens from the US Air Force in 1998, the US Navy has been the only US air force with a fleet of tactical fighters dedicated to electronic warfare and suppression of enemy anti-aircraft defenses. , initially on EA-6B Prowler, then, from 2011, on EA-18G Growler, a version of the F/A 18 F Super Hornet specifically for this mission. However, the Pentagon's needs for this type of mission did not disappear with the withdrawal of the EF-111As, and the F-16C/D equipped with HARM missiles were not sufficient to ensure the escort missions of the air forces in contested areas. It's here…

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Germany chooses the CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopter to replace its CH-53G

After more than a year of hesitation, Berlin has finally made its decision regarding the replacement of its CH-53G heavy transport helicopters. According to the German press, the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht would indeed have chosen the model proposed by Boeing, the CH-47F Chinook, instead of the CH-53K, to equip the Bundeswehr. The main argument in favor of the Boeing aircraft is obviously its price for purchase but also for maintenance, Berlin planning to acquire 60 aircraft for €5 billion, whereas it would have been possible to acquire only 40 CH-53K for the same amount. In addition, the Chinook is already employed by…

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