How the war in Ukraine reshuffles the cards about Conscription and the Reserve?

Like many Western armies, France put an end to conscription in 1997 (technically only suspended but in fact ended), to turn to an entirely professional army, on a model inspired by Great Britain . This decision was based both on the reduction in the threat following the fall of the Soviet bloc, and on a restructuring imposed by the new missions entrusted to the French armies, largely based on external operations in which conscripts could not participate. As for the protection of the Nation, it was in fact entrusted solely to deterrence, deemed necessary and…

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The US Navy offers 3 options for the future of its naval force

For many years, US Navy shipbuilding planning has been chaotic to say the least, with successive plans and objectives diverging, sometimes even contradicting. The subject is also the subject of fierce opposition between Republican senators and representatives, supporters of a massive fleet, and their Democratic counterparts who wish to keep the defense budget under control. Beyond the sometimes fanciful ambitions presented in recent years, and the many tussles that have opposed the Pentagon to American parliamentarians, particularly regarding the withdrawal of certain buildings, it was therefore necessary for the US Navy to present a coherent strategy...

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