Why are French ships often insufficiently equipped?

A few days ago, an article by Mer et Marine caused some media frenzy in the national defense sphere. He explained that the Bretagne frigate of the French Navy, an Aquitaine class ship, had seen its R-ECM jammers, equipment designed by Thales, and which allow the ship to jam the radars of ships but also anti-aircraft missiles. - opposing ships, withdrawn to equip the new frigate Lorraine. Indeed, only 7 batches of jammers have actually been ordered by the French Navy to equip its 8 FREMM frigates, leaving a ship permanently without these systems, which are nevertheless considered critical for…

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The United States plans to strengthen its deterrent capabilities in Europe

Implemented from the mid-60s in the midst of the Cold War, and in a very confidential manner, NATO's shared deterrence allowed the armies of its members to use American nuclear weapons, with a principle known as "double keys", the United States and the leaders of the European armies implementing these weapons both having a "key" making it possible to arm the nuclear charges, the designation of the targets being, on the other hand, the responsibility of the integrated command of the Alliance, not states themselves. Over the years, this system has evolved to bring together, on a permanent basis, only 5 members of…

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