Finland to apply to join NATO

Throughout the Cold War, Finland, which shares a 1300 km border with Russia, maintained a posture of neutrality vis-à-vis the Soviet Union and the Western bloc. If, like Sweden, it joined the European Union in 1995, it had never shown any desire to do the same vis-à-vis NATO. On the contrary, a few months ago, the majority of Finnish public opinion was opposed to such an approach, even if for several years Helsinki had been drawing closer militarily to the United States and the Western bloc, and distancing itself from Moscow. The war in Ukraine will have generated, in this country, a profound…

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US Senate votes to reactivate Lend-Lease scheme to support Ukraine

At the beginning of the 30s, the United States chose an international posture of neutrality, responding to an important desire of American public opinion not to allow itself to be dragged into a new European war. From 1939, however, President Roosevelt imposed the Cash and Carry system, allowing Western allies of the United States such as the United Kingdom and France to order military equipment produced by US industry to strengthen their own capabilities. in the face of the rise of the German and Italian armies in Europe, and the Japanese in the Pacific, as long as they are immediately paid in dollars or gold.…

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