Westerners begin to transfer heavy military equipment to Ukraine

Whether it's Moscow's intransigence, the excesses of Russian propaganda, the Bucha massacre, or a subtle mixture of the three tinged with a diminished fear of the military potential of the Russian armies , the fact is that, for the past few days, the lines seem to have been moving in Europe, and more generally in the West, regarding the military support provided to Kyiv to deal with Russian aggression, and in particular to resist the next massive attack in the Donbass, as announced. Indeed, the Czech Republic has just announced the upcoming delivery of several dozen T-72M1 tanks and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to the armies…

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DARPA has successfully tested a second model of hypersonic cruise missile

When in March 2018, Vladimir Putin announced that the Kinzhal hypersonic airborne ballistic missile would soon enter service, all Western armed forces understood that this new technology would quickly become an operational imperative, and that in this area, they had left it to the Russia, but also to China, which the following year presented its own DF17 hypersonic missile, a far too large advance. If the Europeans, as usual, reacted with the speed of a sea cucumber, the Japanese, Australians, South Koreans and especially the United States reacted with speed and determination, quickly implementing programs aimed at acquiring as many quickly of this type of armament. Mon…

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