Faced with Ukrainian resistance, the Russian armies change their strategy

While the Russian offensive is marking time in front of Kyiv and Kharkiv, and the cities given as Russian hands, such as Kherson and Berdyansk, continue to resist despite a very deteriorated situation for the Ukrainian defenders, the Russian armies seem to have he radically changed his strategy to overcome the Ukrainian resistance. Renouncing special operations and heavy use of airborne forces, Russian forces are reportedly engaging in a much more conventional doctrine, with massive attacks carried out by combined arms battalions backed by heavy support artillery and tactical aviation, leading to fears of a very rapid increase in losses...

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How the Russian-Ukrainian war redrawn the world geopolitical map in a few days?

Beyond the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians and their president against the Russian forces, and the obvious change of strategy in the Kremlin's attack plan returning to a more conventional but also much more violent strategy vis-à-vis the civilian populations, Vladimir Putin's decision to launch this offensive against Ukraine has provoked, on an international scale, a geopolitical tidal wave of unprecedented magnitude since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Because if the Russian soldiers have seriously underestimated the resistance capacity of the soldiers but also of the Ukrainian civilians, the Kremlin has, for its part, deeply underestimated the unity and the response that will be demonstrated…

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