The Russian-Ukrainian conflict after 36 hours of fighting

While the Russian offensive against Ukraine began a little over 36 hours ago, the information concerning the conduct of operations by the two belligerents, but also the reality of the fighting relayed by the OSINT community and by the few journalists who remain on the spot, already make it possible to draw the first lessons of this war, but also of the operational capacities of the two armies. More than 160 ballistic and cruise missiles fired in 24 hours If the Russian forces implemented Kalibr cruise missiles fired from corvettes and submarines positioned in the Black Sea and…

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Russia-Ukraine: the first conflict of the OSINT era

Do you know the term OSINT? It is an acronym in English meaning Open Source Intelligence, or Information on Public Data in French. This methodology was popularized by the Bellingcat group created in July 2014 by Eliot Higgins, which notably engaged in the analysis of data relating to the destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down on July 17 of the same year, demonstrating the involvement of Russian BUK systems in the destruction of the aircraft. Later, this same Bellingcat group demonstrated the involvement of agents of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence services, in the poisoning of the former Russian agent Sergeï Skripal and his daughter…

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