Japan to upgrade 68 of its F-15Js for $5,6 billion

The negotiations were long and difficult, but they ended up being successful, since Tokyo has just announced the signing of a contract worth 646,5 Tr de Yen, or €5,6 billion, to modernize 68 of the approximately 200 F- 15J still in service with the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force. The fate of the 36 remaining potentially modernizable two-seater F-15DJs has not yet been decided, while around a hundred of the oldest F-15s will be withdrawn from service with the arrival of the F-35As ordered by Tokyo. two years ago. By 2035, Japan will therefore have a strong air force of 300 to 350 modern aircraft,…

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German Rheinmetall presents the Lynx 120, a new high-performance medium tank

In August 2021, we published on Meta-Défense an analysis highlighting the relevance, for armies and the French defense industry, of developing a medium tracked armored platform and a high-performance medium combat tank, allowing, among other things, to make up for a major capacity deficit in the Army in terms of high-intensity combat between now and the arrival of heavy armored vehicles from the Franco-German MGCS program at the end of the next decade. Indeed, with only 200 economically modernized Leclerc tanks, and 650 VBCI infantry combat vehicles now more suitable for low and medium intensity, than for…

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