The crisis is racing between Ukraine, Russia and the West

Tensions are now at their highest between Ukraine, its Western partners and Russia, and the chain of events seems to have accelerated in recent hours. After the foreseeable false start of February 16, the date publicly advanced by Washington as likely for a Russian attack against Ukraine, and after the factually unsubstantiated announcement of a partial withdrawal of Russian forces deployed along the Ukrainian border , these last hours have been the scene of a series of declarations from Moscow, Washington and Europe, showing a very disastrous trajectory for Ukraine and, more generally, for peace in Europe. 1- Discreet redeployment of forces…

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The TKMS Meko-300 and Babcock Arrowhead 140 frigates on final in Poland

The Polish Navy has traditionally been the poor relation of the Warsaw Defense effort. To date, it has only 13.000 soldiers, and a limited number of ships, including only 2 OH Perry class frigates acquired second-hand from the US Navy in the early 2000s, and a single submarine. Kilo class out of operational service inherited from Soviet times. However, the country has nearly 650 km of coastline on the Baltic Sea, a strategic location for controlling access to this semi-open sea which hosts many critical infrastructures for the country and for Europe. The country has…

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