UK Tempest and Japanese FX programs are getting even closer

The British government of Boris Johnson is particularly active on defense issues and in the field of international industrial cooperation. Whether it is the AUKUS alliance with possible cooperation with Australia in the field of nuclear submarines, the opening of the Tempest program to certain European partners, or the rapprochement with the American program Futur Vertical Lift , Great Britain has multiplied the announcements in recent months, with some success it must be recognized. And one of the greatest successes today is based on the rapprochement in London and Tokyo around the FX program for the next generation Japanese fighter, with the signing of a cooperation protocol, end…

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The 4 key arbitrations for the French presidential election in terms of Defense

While Moscow has just announced simultaneously the partial withdrawal of certain units deployed along the Ukrainian borders, and the Duma has just endorsed the integration of the Oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbass into the Russian Federation, the final decision remaining in the hands of Vladimir Putin, recent events have shown that Defense issues can no longer be ignored by candidates for the French Presidential election. However, the programs presented to date are most often content to list certain measures and promises, without offering sufficient visibility to voters as to the real strategy of the candidates if they reach...

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