China offers Thailand 2 Type 039 Song submarines as standby solution

In 2016, following an international competition, the Thai authorities chose the Chinese S-26T submarine, derived from the Yuan-class Type 039A, to constitute the country's submarine force, of which the powerful Royal Thai Navy is so far lacking. In addition to satisfactory performance and reliable anaerobic propulsion, the Chinese offer was based on a sizeable advantage, a unit price of only $460 million, half that of its competitors with the highest bids. However, in its proposal, Beijing had included European equipment, in particular German turbines built by MTU, without having taken the precaution of asking the German engine manufacturer for authorization in advance.…

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Indonesia cleared to acquire 36 US Boeing F-15EXs

In terms of exporting military equipment, the United States favors the use of Foreign Military Sales, or FMS, a body allowing customers of the US arms industry to benefit from the prices and contractual frameworks of the American armies. , rather than having to negotiate all of these aspects for each contract. As in most countries, arms exports are also conditioned by government authorization from the State Department and Congress, most often also passing through the FMS. It is within this framework that Indonesia has just been authorized to acquire up to 36 Boeing F-15EX heavy fighters as well as an exhaustive set of parts,…

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