Defense against hypersonic missiles is structured in the West

Since the entry into service of the Kh47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic airborne missile in 2018, and even more so with the upcoming arrival of the 3M22 Tzirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile, both of Russian origin, the fear of seeing these munitions permanently neutralize naval power West has been widely relayed in the media. It is true that due to their speed, their low trajectory, and for some, their ability to maneuver in the descending phase, these weapons undermine the Western anti-missile shield, based on THAAD and SM-3 kinetic impactor missiles. In addition, the anti-aircraft missiles currently in service, such as the SM-2, the Aster 30 or the Sea Ceptor, have…

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With the 42 Indonesian Rafales, the Dassault fighter equals the exports of the Mirage 2000

"Too complex, too expensive, unsaleable", this is how Hervé Morin, then Nicolas Sarkozy's Minister of Defense, explained the poor sale of the Rafale on the international scene in the early 2010s. Today, however, with a new contract for the acquisition of 42 aircraft to be delivered from 2025 for the Indonesian Air Force, the French aeronautical flagship has reached a total of 284 export orders to 7 international customers, equaling in volume the exports of its predecessor, the Mirage 2000, 285 exported to 8 countries. This new contract, estimated at €7 billion, allows Team Rafale to confirm the exceptional results recorded…

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