Brazil is considering a new order for 30 Gripen E/F

The year 2021 will have been a year of great disappointment for the Swedish manufacturer Saab. As in the 5 previous years, this one did not succeed in imposing its Gripen fighter, whether it was the classic JAS-39 C/D version in Croatia, which preferred 12 second-hand Rafales acquired from the France, than its Gripen NG or JAS-39 E/F with its Finnish neighbor, who preferred the F-35A despite a very attractive and ambitious offer from Stockholm. To date, and apart from the Gripen NG orders for Flygvaptnet, the Swedish Air Force, and the 36 Gripen NGs ordered by Brazil in 2014,…

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The US Navy tempers its ambitions for an autonomous fleet

In an article published at the end of December on the War on the Rock site, the authors, including an active offer from the US Navy, pointed out the risk of transferring the maintenance load on board unmanned ships to increased maintenance. dockside, potentially generating significant additional costs, poor availability, and the possible saturation of naval maintenance infrastructures due to congestion in dockside buildings. The fact is, many naval officers who have served on board ships doubt that current technology can effectively provide autonomous ships with reliability at sea compatible with operational requirements. And…

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