The new Russian strategic bomber Tu-160M2 has made its maiden flight

Russia is one of the only 3 countries in the world to have a strategic triad, namely a nuclear deterrent based simultaneously on land, naval and air vectors. For now, this third component is the least well off, with only 16 Tu-160M ​​supersonic strategic bombers, the bulk of the force still being made up of fifty Tu-95MS turboprops. It is precisely to replace these devices that the Russian authorities launched, in 2015, a program aimed at restoring the Tu-160 assembly line to a new modernized standard designated Tu-160M2, and producing 35 new devices, while that at the same time, the aeronautical industry…

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The Su-75 Checkmate returns to the UAE to try to permanently remove the F-35

The United Arab Emirates were identified as a strategic prospect by Rostec, right from the start of the communication around this program. Moscow and Abu Dhabi have indeed been in discussion around a joint light fighter program for several years, while the Arab state has already purchased several major pieces of equipment from Russian manufacturers, including the Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft system. . With the announcement of the Emirati intention to acquire 50 F-35A from the United States, the chances for the Russian defense industrial conglomerate to impose itself in the country drastically declined. With Joe Biden putting this program on hold following his…

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