The US Army to invest $ 2,7 billion in the sighting systems of its new generation assault rifles

In most science fiction films, the weapons of the future are accompanied by extremely advanced targeting systems, capable of detecting targets in the dark or behind cover, calculating the ballistic trajectory and communicating with other weapons. Once again, reality will soon meet fiction, since the US Army has just awarded a contract worth no less than $2,7 billion to the company Vortex Optics, in order to deliver some 250.000 XM157 NGSW fire control systems. -FC (Fire Control) as part of the Next Generation Squad Weapons program. The system will equip both NGSW-R assault rifles and weapons…

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The 5 assets of the Rafale against the Super Hornet for Indian naval aviation

The Rafale M1, the first aircraft in the program for French naval aviation, is today at the heart of attention for Dassault Aviation and the entire Team Rafale. Indeed, it is this aircraft which was sent on January 6 to the Indian naval air base in Goa to demonstrate its ability to be operated from a Ski-Jump type platform, and not of an aircraft carrier equipped with catapults. These tests, the first of which took place this morning and took place nominally, will last until the beginning of February and will make it possible to validate not only the capacity of…

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