North Korea re-tests advanced performance hypersonic ballistic missile

Although geopolitical attention is now focused more on the risk of conflict in Ukraine or around Taiwan, certain theaters less exposed to the media are still very active. This is particularly the case of the Korean Peninsula, while the two countries, North and South Korea, have for several years been engaged in intense competition in the field of long-range missiles. The year 2021 was thus marked by numerous tests on both sides, with notable advances both in the field of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. But it was unmistakably the September 28 test of a North Korean ballistic missile equipped…

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Pakistan cancels order for Turkish T-129 helicopters to switch to Chinese Z-10

In 2018, the Turkish aeronautical industry had achieved remarkable success by signing with Pakistan the sale of 30 T-129 ATAK combat helicopters, a locally made helicopter derived from the Italian A-129 Mangusta. This $1,5 billion contract was then the largest export contract ever won by this industry, allowing Ankara to nurture the hope of positioning itself as an international player in this market firmly held by the Americans, Europeans and Russians for several decades. With the military intervention in Syria, and the acquisition of batteries of S-400 anti-aircraft systems from Moscow, Turkey has however, from 2019, been the subject…

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These conflicts that threaten in 2022: Ukraine-Russia

If there was a significant factor in describing the year 2021, apart from the Covid crisis, it is undoubtedly the significant increase in direct tensions between many states, with the now very real risk of seeing the specter reappear. conflicts between great powers on a regional or even global scale. Furthermore, and contrary to the tensions and conflicts that marked the post-Cold War period, these wars in the making threaten, for the most part, to bring in their wake the opposition of nuclear super-powers, and even to have an effect trigger between them, so that the deterioration of the situation for one of them can have significant consequences on the…

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