As in 2021, the Russian Navy will receive 3 new nuclear submarines in 2022

For more than 2 decades, the Russian Navy was the poor relation of the country's armed forces, unable even to finance the maintenance in operational condition of its fleet inherited from the Soviet Union. From 2012, however, the political orientations changed with the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin and the arrival of Sergei Shoigu at the Ministry of Defense, and a vast plan of financing and modernization of the means but also of the Russian naval infrastructures was implemented. This plan is now bearing fruit, since despite a shaky economy and a nominal GDP barely higher than that of Spain, the…

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Thailand reckons F-35A will be cheaper than Swedish JAS-39 Gripen E

This is a statement that must have hurt the Saab headquarters in Linköping very badly. According to comments reported by the Bangkok Post, the Chief of Staff of the Thai Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Napadej Dhupatemiya, reportedly declared that he favored the acquisition of 8 F-35A Lightning IIs to replace part of the F-5 and F-16 the oldest of the Royal Thai Air Force, rather than acquiring a second squadron of Gripen from the Swedish Saab, of which 7 JAS 39C aircraft are already in service within the No. 7 squadron of Surat Thani. He thus takes the direct opposite of his predecessor, the Air Chief Marshal Maanat...

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What are the consequences of Pakistan's acquisition of 25 Chinese J-10CE fighters?

It has been 13 years, since 2008, that the Pakistani authorities have been studying the possibility of acquiring a fleet of single-engine J-10 fighters from Beijing, and many rumors have announced the order as imminent on several occasions. It is now done, since they have confirmed having signed a contract to acquire 25 J-10CE, export version of the J-10C in service within the air forces of the People's Liberation Army, in order to equip two squadrons of 12 aircraft. If the amount of the contract is not mentioned, its calendar seems particularly short, since it is a question of presenting the new device during the celebrations of the day of the Republic,…

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