4 sustainable budget models for the modernization and extension of the armed forces

In a surprisingly discreet media environment, several major crises that could potentially evolve into armed conflict between great powers are unfolding simultaneously on the planet, whether it is the crisis between Ukraine and Russia potentially involving NATO, the between Israel and Iran about the latter's nuclear program, or the crisis between Beijing and Taiwan, each of them bears the beginnings of a large-scale international conflict that could involve Europe, and France in particular . In this context, it appears that the means available to the French Armed Forces today are quantitatively insufficient and qualitatively unsuitable to deal with it. Indeed, the…

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UAE Suspends F-35 Purchase Negotiations

Then in the middle of the electoral campaign for his re-election to the White House, Donald Trump scored a big blow in the summer of 2020 by announcing the signing of a peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, an agreement which was quickly joined by other Sunni Gulf monarchies in an effort to normalize relations with the Jewish state after several decades of tension over the Palestinian cause. If the points of convergence were numerous, in particular about the potential risk posed by the Iranian nuclear program, the United Arab Emirates took the opportunity to negotiate with Donald Trump the sale of Defense technologies hitherto reserved...

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