UAE Mirage 2000-9 interests Morocco and Egypt

There are signs that do not deceive. Barely a week after the announcement made of the order of 80 Rafale by the air force of the United Arab Emirates, that the sixty Mirage 2000-9 acquired at the end of the 90s by the country, and which must precisely be replaced by the Rafales ordered, would have already found takers. Indeed, according to several sources of information, it appears that Egypt, but also Morocco, would have approached Abu Dhabi in order to acquire these fighter planes which still have a remarkable operational potential. If Cairo's request is not surprising, the air force...

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SMX31, Racer, Scarabée: These ultra-innovative unfunded French defense industrial programs

In the field of the defense industry, France has often demonstrated its ability to develop high-performance equipment that is sometimes several years ahead of its international competitors. But if certain successes are undeniable, as were the Light Stealth Frigates or the VAB armored vehicles, both ahead of the very perception of the need when they appeared, it has also happened, very often, that very efficient programs and in ahead of their time were ignored by the French authorities, letting slip crucial technological assets which certain competitors did not fail to seize. This is how France passed by...

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