More details on the future European Tiger III combat helicopter

While it is still not known whether Berlin will choose to preserve and develop its fleet of Tiger combat helicopters, or to equip itself with American AH-64 Apaches, Airbus Helicopters has detailed the improvements that are planned on the future Tiger III standard, which should allow the aircraft to remain in service until 2035, and the arrival of a possible new European combat helicopter. Thus, this new version will integrate an advanced evolution of the aircraft's mission management, communication and cooperative engagement capabilities, with a redesigned cockpit approaching the Glass Cockpit of new generation aircraft, redundant satellite geolocation systems, etc.

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What is the French Navy's new Future Mine Control System?

During the Cold War, Western navies had an impressive naval mine countermeasures capability, marked in particular by the prolific Tripartite Minehunter program which enabled France, Belgium and the Netherlands to equip of 35 particularly high-performance high-tech vessels that entered service between 1981 and 1990. In 2010, as part of the Lancaster House agreements, France and Great Britain committed to jointly design the Maritime Mine Counter Measures program, or MMCM , in order to develop new underwater mine countermeasures capabilities by 2030. In France, this program was designated by…

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US Congress speeds up withdrawal of US Air Force's oldest planes except A-10

Since the mid-2010s, each new Pentagon funding law has given rise to a showdown between the US Air Force and the US Congress, over the accelerated withdrawal of aircraft deemed unsuitable for modern operational needs, so as to free up budgetary and human resources to accommodate new equipment, and in particular the F-35A Lighting II and the future NGAD, intended to replace the F-22 by the end of the decade. And each year, an aircraft concentrates this opposition, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the mythical low-altitude fire support aircraft, which was designed to eliminate tank columns...

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