Chinese Air Force shows extended capabilities around Taiwan

Chinese air force incursions into the Taiwan Air Identification Zone have been a daily occurrence for several months. But since the show of force on April 10 with 52 aircraft in flight simultaneously, these missions have until now been limited in volume and ambition. The November 28 mission was notable in more ways than one. Indeed, not only did it involve 27 aircraft simultaneously, the largest number of aircraft since last April, but for the first time, one of the Chinese air force's new Y-20U tankers accompanied the five H-bombers 6 and its escort of four J-10C fighters and…

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Is Germany ready to do anything to preserve Russian gas?

In recent weeks, tensions between Moscow and kyiv have again crossed not one, but several levels. Not only do the Russian armies continue to amass considerable troops on the borders of Ukraine, facing the Donbass or in the Crimea, but Russian internal propaganda has become very active in presenting Ukraine to Russian public opinion, but also NATO, as the aggressors and even the instigators of the current tensions. In addition, Moscow has now instrumentalized dictator Lukashenko's Belarus, not only by exploiting the waves of migrants from Iraq and Syria against Poland and the Baltic States, but also by artificially growing...

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SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

In an interview given to the site, Franck Haun, the CEO of the KNDS group which brings together the German Krauss Maffei Wegman and the French Nexter, called on the French and German governments to accelerate the Main Ground Combat System or MGCS program, which according to him, at the current rate of things, should not reach a delivery before 2040 and even 2045. If the considerations of Franck Haun are above all industrial, calling in particular to widen the program on the European scene, the fact remains no less true than an objective analysis of the schedules of current programs, MGCS like SCAF, the combat aircraft program...

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