Turkey wants to be the first to develop combat drone carrier ship

While the TCG Anadolu assault aircraft carrier will soon be transferred to the Turkish Navy, Ankara seems increasingly convinced by the concept of a combat drone carrier, which would represent, according to Turkish officials, an ongoing evolution of the aircraft carriers in the years and decades to come. For this, Ankara would work since the launch of the Anadolu, on the design of a new ship specially designed for this purpose, and which will be able to implement combat drones propelled by propeller like the TB2 Bayraktar which meets a real success on the international scene for several months, the future TB3 equipped with folding wings,…

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What consequences for France if the SCAF and Tempest programs merged?

After his German counterpart Lt General Ingo Gerhartz, it is the turn of General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, to declare that, according to him, the European programs of 6th generation combat aircraft SCAF (for Future Combat Air System) which brings together Germany, Spain and France, and FCAS (for Future Combat Air System, the same acronym) which brings together Great Britain, Italy and Sweden , will be expected to merge in the more or less near future. According to the Italian general officer, given the industrial and budgetary issues, and the proximity of programs, industrial players and countries,…

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