Berlin would be interested in the American AH-64E Apache helicopter .. since 2019!

For the past few months, the Tiger 3 program, bringing together France, Spain and Germany in the framework of permanent structured cooperation, or PESCO, since November 2019, has been meeting strong headwinds, with Berlin proving more and more difficult to convince to invest in the modernization of the European combat helicopter. Indeed, according to the Bundeswehr, the device would be particularly difficult to maintain in operational condition, and would offer insufficient availability in view of the needs. Without ever questioning their own maintenance procedures and the role of the size of the fleet in the subject, Germany seemed, since then, to be more and more openly interested in the helicopter...

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The FREMM anti-aircraft frigate Alsace joins active service in the French Navy

The new FREMM frigate with enhanced anti-aircraft capability Alsace officially entered service on Monday, November 22, according to a message published directly by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly. This ship replaces the anti-aircraft frigate Cassard withdrawn from service in March 2019, and allows the French Navy to now align 9 modern frigates, out of the 15 ships of this type which it must have according to the 2013 white paper and the Review Strategic of 2017. If the number is not there yet, waiting for the entry into service of its sister-ship Lorraine in 2022, then of the new Frigate of Defense and Intervention...

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Ukrainian and Western intelligence fear Russian winter offensive in Ukraine

The scenario is well known by now. According to satellite observations and Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, Russia is in fact massing a considerable armed force of nearly 100.000 men and around a hundred combat battalions on the Ukrainian border, facing Donbass and in Crimea. And once again, as was the case in March 2021, but also in 2019 and 2020, the fear of seeing Moscow launch an offensive against Ukraine reappears quite logically. According to the American intelligence services, the Russian armed forces would indeed already have more than sixty BTG (Battalion Tactical group),…

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French Army?

During his hearing before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Senate, the Chief of Staff of the Army (CEMAT), General Schill, declared that it would be a priority to give back to his army increased capacities in terms of artillery and close anti-aircraft defense on the occasion of the next Military Programming Law. It is true, and we have repeatedly addressed the subject in our lines, that these two areas are today part of the weak points of the Army, in particular to engage in a high intensity conflict. But through the statements of the French General, and...

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