Spain officially denies interest in American F-35

Obviously, the information that leaked last week abouta possible acquisition by Spain of 50 F-35, 25 in version B for its aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I, and 25 in version A to replace part of its F / A 18 Hornets, generated a lot of turmoil between Madrid, Berlin and Paris. Indeed, theThe spokesperson for the Spanish Defense Ministry has officially denied the veracity of this announcement, and made it clear that Madrid was fully committed to the SCAF program which brings together the 3 countries, leaving no option to join another program like the F-35.

This announcement will certainly have reassured the partners of the SCAF program, for whom the American F-35 program is perceived as a direct threat against European military aeronautics. It is precisely for this reason that Berlin had announced that it would prefer the acquisition of American Super Hornets and Growlers to replace the Tornado which today carry out the nuclear sharing missions in which the Luftwaffe participates, as well as the missions of suppression of anti-aircraft defenses and electronic warfare, and this despite strong opposition from the Luftwaffe itself, as well as NATO. On the other hand, without F-35B to replace its AV-8B Matador which arm the Spanish aircraft carrier, Madrid will find itself, from 2028 and the withdrawal of these devices, without a solution to maintain an on-board fighter capacity.

The replacement of the Spanish Matador remains unresolved for the time being if Madrid reject the F-35B hypothesis

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