Turkey fears US intervention to halt the acquisition of South Korean engines for its Altay tank

While discussions between Ankara and Seoul over the propulsion package borrowed from the K2 Black Panther tank to equip the Turkish heavy tank Altay have progressed in recent weeks, they have also taken a different direction from that initially envisaged by Turkish officials. Indeed, where the latter initially envisaged co-production with technology transfer for the 250 Doosan engines and S&T Dynamics distribution which are to equip the first tranche of Altay tanks, it seems that now they are content with an acquisition "off the shelf" of the propulsion pack according to the statements of the Turkish authorities. Obviously, in such an approach, it seems little...

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US nuclear submarines are said to have been built with inferior steel

This is information that falls rather badly, while the US Navy is engaged in a strategic race with the Chinese Navy, and that Australia has terminated the contract for the construction of 12 French Shortfin Barracuda submarines to turn to a nuclear solution most likely coming from the United States. Indeed, Elaine Marie Thomas, former Tacoma smelter manager, pleaded guilty to falsifying quality accounts of steel delivered to Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding shipyards between 1985 and 2017, steel used for construction of US Navy nuclear submarines. According to the investigation report, 240 batches of steel…

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Paris and London relaunch their cooperation in the field of tactical missiles

Franco-British cooperation in terms of the development of military systems has often been difficult, and punctuated by bitter failures, as was the case, for example, of the aircraft carrier project between the two countries. But when it succeeds, it often gives very high quality equipment. This was the case in the field of helicopters with the Gazelle and the Puma, in the field of combat aircraft with the Jaguar, and more recently, in the field of artillery guns with the 40mm telescoped ammunition system. But the favorite field of this cooperation has for several decades been missiles…

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Spain officially denies interest in American F-35

Clearly, the information that leaked last week about a possible acquisition by Spain of 50 F-35s, 25 in version B for its aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I, and 25 in version A to replace some of its F/A 18 Hornets, generated a lot of commotion between Madrid, Berlin and Paris. Indeed, the spokesperson for the Spanish Ministry of Defense officially denied the veracity of this announcement, and insisted that Madrid was fully committed to the SCAF program which brings together the 3 countries, leaving no option to join another program like the F-35. This advert…

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