China's J-16D electronic warfare aircraft reportedly already operational

While the official presentation of the new Chinese electronic warfare and anti-aircraft defense plane J-16D only took place at the beginning of September, a report by the 7th Chinese public channel devoted to the Armed Forces of the 'APL, found that the device was already in operational unit within the Chinese air force, which was confirmed by an article from the state site published today. According to the article, the new electronic warfare fighter would be intended to evolve alongside the 5th generation J-20 fighter to eliminate adversary detection capabilities. The device would…

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Beijing increases military pressure on India in the Himalayas

Recourse to the military threat seems to have become the rule for Beijing when one of its neighbors does not comply with its demands. In addition to the widely commented case of Taiwan, with numerous naval and air exercises and increasingly threatening rhetoric from the Chinese authorities and the national press against the independent island, it is now the turn of the India to have to face increasingly explicit threats, and increasingly important and dense military exercises along its eastern border with the People's Republic of China, in particular on…

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Does the Euro-fundamentalism of the Ministry of the Armed Forces harm the equipment capacities of the Armies?

For nearly a decade, the Ministry of Defense, which has become the Ministry of the Armed Forces, and the Directorate General for Armaments, which oversees all industrial programs for the Armed Forces, have almost systematically given preference to a European vision of Defense programs. . Thus, during his last hearing, the General Delegate for Armaments, Joel Barre, ruled out the possibility of giving preference to Dassault Aviation's Falcon X for the replacement of the Atlantic 2 of Patrouille Maritime, if the MAWS program were to have to be done without Germany (which has just ordered 5 American P-8A Poseidons to replace its oldest P-3Cs), arguing that it…

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