Israel to deploy aerostat radar surveillance system soon

If ground surveillance radars are effective against aircraft and missiles operating at medium and high altitude, the situation is quite different against aircraft and cruise missiles which move close to the ground, so as to take full advantage of the masking ground or even the roundness of the ground, to reduce the opponent's reaction time and therefore his ability to intercept. To deal with these threats, it is essential to place a radar at altitude, capable of observing the terrain without suffering its effects. Several systems, such as the Hawkeye and Sentry, the famous Awacs of…

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Israeli Trophy active protection system proves its worth on German Leopard 2s

Last February, Berlin announced that it had ordered from the Israeli Rafael the active protection system Trophy to equip the equivalent of a company of Leopard 2A7 tanks. This Hard-Kill system, which notably equips Merkava tanks and Namer Infantry Combat Vehicles, had already largely demonstrated its operational effectiveness during Israeli engagements in the Middle East since 2011, by displaying an exceptional capacity to intercept rockets and anti-tank missiles targeting Israeli tanks. This system was also meticulously tested by the US Army, which decided to equip some of its M1A2 Abrams heavy tanks with it as an interim solution, in…

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Are the French Armies ready for "High Intensity"?

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the need to have a military force designed for major engagements against an adversary with the same advanced military capabilities gradually withered, the very notion of conflict between great nations military having largely diminished. In France, as in many European countries, the principle of "benefits of peace" then appeared, allowing the size of the armies to be reduced in proportion to the reduction in the threat. Little by little, the French armies evolved towards a military force based on two principles, nuclear deterrence to neutralize major threats, and a global expeditionary force...

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The US Marines Corps wants to revolutionize its Human Resources strategy to face China

Since his arrival at the head of the United States Marine Corps in March 2019, General David H. Berger has undertaken a huge project to transform this elite unit. While since the end of the Cold War, the Corps had gradually evolved into a high quality mechanized infantry unit, widely deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq for example, it had to profoundly change the very structure of this professional army to return to its fundamental mission, the amphibious assault, in particular to be able to meet the potential challenge posed by the modernization of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. For…

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