Does Spain's foreseeable acquisition of F-35s threaten the European SCAF program?

Since 1987, the Spanish naval air forces have been operating a squadron of vertical take-off and landing aircraft or short Harrier II acquired from the American MacDonnell Douglas, in particular on board the assault aircraft carrier Juan Carlos 1. This building , which entered service in 2010 to replace the light aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias, was notably designed to be able to accommodate up to fifteen F-35Bs with vertical or short take-off, replacing the Harrier II. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that, according to indiscretions obtained by the Janes site at the International Fighter Conference in London, Madrid plans to acquire from 2025 25…

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American scientists have developed a quantum inertial unit allowing navigation without GPS

In the early 90s, the arrival of satellite geolocation, and in particular the American GPS system, profoundly changed the design of defense equipment and the conduct of operations. Rapidly, the GPS became a major element both for navigating and for designing precision weapons, the system becoming one of the pillars of American and then Western technological superiority, particularly in the context of medium and low intensity conflicts in which Western armies were engaged. Over the following years, other systems, such as the Russian GLONASS, Chinese Beidu or European Galileo appeared, increasing the dependence of the armies of the world on…

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Is China developing a new stealth fighter or drone?

In recent weeks, military aeronautical news from China has been rich to say the least, with the official presentation of the J-16D, the electronic warfare version of the Chinese fighter-bomber, as well as the confirmation of the existence of a two-seater of the J-20 heavy stealth fighter, as well as the first (observed) flight of the new Chinese 5th generation carrier-based fighter, currently designated J-35. However, it seems that Chinese engineers still have other major innovations in development, as observed by a Western satellite on October 29 during a passage over the research and development facilities of the aircraft manufacturer Chengdu, already at the origin of the hunter…

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Unsurprisingly, the US Congress is hostile to the export of F-16s to Turkey

The situation tends to become more complex for President Erdogan in the matter of the acquisition of new 40 new American F-16s as well as 80 kits to transform part of his 240 aircraft in service into F-16 Block 70 Viper, the most advanced version of the Lockheed Martin aircraft, notably carrying the new EASA AN/APG-83 radar, as well as modernized avionics and an advanced self-defense suite. Indeed, while US President Joe Biden kicked into touch by promising his Turkish counterpart RT Erdogan to “do everything he can” to push this request forward, in a diplomatic way…

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Chinese President Xi Jinping steps up modernization of the People's Liberation Army

Over the past 10 years, the Chinese People's Liberation Army has undergone an unprecedented transformation, both structurally and technologically, with a very significant increase in the professionalization of the forces as well as the arrival of very many pieces of equipment on par with, and sometimes even exceeding, the best equipment in service in Western armies. In addition, the pace of this transformation remains very sustained today, with for example the entry into service each year of around ten Type 055, 052D and 054A destroyers and frigates, as well as 5 to 6 dozen J-10C, J-15, J-16 and…

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