Poland will apply "COVID" funding methods for the modernization of its armies

In many aspects, the postures of the Polish authorities, in particular vis-à-vis the European Union, are widely criticized, and moreover openly criticized. But there is one area in which Warsaw is exemplary in Europe, its determination to acquire sufficient military power to dissuade any adversary, in particular Russia, from excessive ambitions against them, and against its close neighbors. In this sense, Poland is replacing Bonne's role every day during the Cold War, when Federal Germany alone fielded more than 1000 F104 and F4 fighter jets and more than 2000 Leopard and M48 heavy tanks. Today, despite a GDP of barely $ 600 billion for a population of 38 million inhabitants, compared to $ 3.800 billion and 83 million Germans, the Polish armies are lining up around a hundred fighter planes. -16, Mig-29 and Su-22 (with 32 F-35A on order) 150.000 miltaires and 750 Leopard 2, PT-91 and T-72 tanks, with at least 250 M1A2SEPv3 on order, against 200 Typhoon and Tornado fighter planes, 185.000 miltaires and 320 heavy tanks, of which only a hundred are considered operational, for the German forces.

Mostly, Warsaw does not intend to rest on its laurels, and wants to continue to support the effort started ten years ago of modernization, an effort largely tinted it is true of a form of standardization of the Polish armies on the models of the US Army and the US Air Strength, making one this sense an excellent student in NATO. To achieve this, it is essential according to the Polish authorities to have additional funds immediately, and not to wait for the average growth of the country's economy at 4% to increase the budget of the armed forces already to $ 14 billion, or 2,35% of GDP. For this, Warsaw intends to rely on a financing mechanism comparable to that implemented to deal with the COVID crisis in the country, namely a call for savings from the Poles themselves, in a fund guaranteed by the National Development Bank, the BGK, and the State Fund RPF.

The Polish armies line up 250 Leopard 2 A4 and A5 heavy tanks, part of which is modernized to the Leopard 2PL standard

according to the Polish Minister of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, this approach, if it will obviously create sovereign debt, will allow the authorities to guarantee the security of the Poles, deeming today preferable to "make debt" than to initiate the safety of its fellow citizens. It is true that with a debt of only $ 400 billion, or 60% of the GDP at the same level of Germany, Poland is far from equaling the European champions in this field like Greece with 200% of the GDP, l 'Italy with 135% of GDP, or France with 100%, all these figures dating from 2019, that is to say before the COVID crisis. In addition, by proceeding in this way, the investment intended for Defense is entirely held by the savings of the Poles, and not the financial markets, a way of consolidating the financing mechanism, as well as the link between the Polish armies. and the population of the country.

This financial windfall should allow, according to Mariusz Blaszczak, to bring the strength of the Polish armies to 250.000 soldiers, to which will be added 50.000 personnel of the territorial guard. Warsaw will then have by far the largest armed force in Europe, far surpassing much richer and more populous countries, such as Germany, Italy and France. Like what, when we want, we find solutions. otherwise, an apology is enough ...

IN 2019, Warsaw announced an order for 32 F-35As to replace its inherited Soviet-era Su-22s

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