US Armies must change industrial method for Pentagon Deputy Chief of Staff

The times have been conducive to questioning at the Pentagon for the past few months, when it has become increasingly clear that the United States has been, at best overtaken, at worst overtaken, by Chinese industrial and scientific power in the military field in recent years. For the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pentagon, General John Hyten, this situation can be summed up in a simple comparison: “China has carried out, over the past 5 years, hundreds of tests and trials of hypersonic systems. the United States made 9”. According to him, it is the American industrial and scientific method that is at the origin of this…

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Poland will apply "COVID" funding methods for the modernization of its armies

In many aspects, the postures of the Polish authorities, in particular vis-à-vis the European Union, are open to criticism, and moreover openly criticized. But there is one area in which Warsaw is exemplary in Europe, its determination to equip itself with sufficient military power to deter any adversary, in particular Russia, from excessive ambitions against them, and against its close neighbours. In this sense, Poland is increasingly replacing the role played by Bonne during the Cold War, when Federal Germany alone fielded more than 1000 F104 and F4 fighter planes and more than 2000 Leopard and M48 heavy tanks. Today, despite a GDP...

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Greece signs Letter of Intent for 2 frigates and 6 used mine hunters with the Netherlands

During the broad consultation carried out for Athens to acquire new frigates as part of the modernization of the Hellenic Navy, two offers seemed to stand out from the lot, the FDI Belharra from Naval Group, finally chosen by Athens, and the Sigma 15515 from the Dutch Lady. In addition to the qualities of the Dutch frigate, Amsterdam proposed the transfer of its two Karel Doorman class frigates as a temporary solution. However, these ships had, in the eyes of the Hellenic Navy, a much higher interest than the two Type 70 frigates that Paris proposed to offer to Athens if the latter were to choose the FDI. Eventually he…

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China's new on-board stealth fighter takes its first flight

The Chinese industrial and technological machine now seems to have reached its optimum pace, as the announcements and discoveries have followed one another at a frantic pace for several months. Just a few days after the new two-seat variant of the 5th generation J-20 fighter was observed during test taxis, and a test of a split orbital bombardment system sent the American defense community into a frenzy, now a photo showing the first flight of the new on-board stealth fighter of the People's Liberation Army Naval Forces has been broadcast on Chinese social networks, removing any ambiguity about the progress of the program. The…

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