Beijing, Moscow toughen up in Pacific with show of naval force around Japan

In recent months, the United States and its allies have multiplied large-scale naval exercises in the Pacific, sometimes near the China Sea or Taiwan, which on several occasions angered Beijing. Until now, Chinese naval responses have been limited to the deployment of small flotillas, most often consisting of a Type 052D destroyer and a Type 054A anti-submarine warfare frigate, accompanied by a supply ship. Therefore, the massive exercise bringing together 5 Chinese ships, including a Type 055 cruiser, and 5 Russian ships, including two Udaloy-class anti-submarine destroyers, around Japan in recent days,…

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On the brink, Turkish BMC signs partnership with South Korea to power Altay tank

Undisputed star of Eurosatory 2018, the Turkish heavy battle tank Atlay and its manufacturer, BMC, have since experienced many difficulties, following European sanctions following Turkish intervention in Syria, and provocations by Ankara against Greece. in the eastern Mediterranean. Indeed, the flagship program of the Turkish defense industry was therefore deprived of the components essential to its realization, the transmission and the turbo-diesel engine supplied by the Germans RENK and MTU, and the composite steel used for the armor of the tank of French invoice. Since then, the assembly line of the tank set up by BMC was at a standstill, putting the company…

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NATO on the offensive against Russia and European defense aspirations

After the American debacle in Afghanistan this summer, several European leaders revived the desire to acquire, within the European Union, its own operational military capacity for intervention, complementary to the Atlantic Alliance, allowing it to act independently of the United States should the need arise. For a time, Washington and NATO did not react, or very little, to this, the image of the American ally having been tarnished. The Franco-American crisis over Australian submarines brought new arguments to the pillars of European strategic autonomy, France in the lead, the United States having clearly demonstrated that they were following a…

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