Boeing offers new 155mm ramjet shell to US Army

With the arrival of new ammunition, such as the American XM1113 or the Italian Volcano, the range of artillery shells has increased considerably in recent years. Thus, where an M109A6 Paladin equipped with a 39-caliber L/39 gun (39 times the diameter of the 155 mm shell, or 6,05 m) struggled to hit targets at 20 km with traditional shells , it can now reach targets at 40 km with the XM1113, which is moreover with greatly increased precision thanks to GPS, inertial or laser guidance. In addition to the arrival of these so-called “additional propulsion” shells, i.e. benefiting from an additional thrust…

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US Air Force to test high-energy laser from AC-130J Ghostrider gunship

At the start of the Vietnam War, the US Air Force deployed a new concept of combat aircraft, the Gunship, initially a World War II C-47 Dakota transport oat loaded with port machine guns and intended to support forces ground infantry engaged in fierce combat against the Viet Cong adversary. Thus was born the AC-47 Spooky, which became one of the main weapons of the Air Commando Squadron. But it quickly became clear that the C-47 was too vulnerable for this mission as the intensity of the fighting increased, with no less than 19 aircraft destroyed, including 12 by enemy fire, out of the 41 aircraft...

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North Korea reportedly tested new ballistic missile launched from submarine

There are now little more than a few days between repeated announcements of new missile tests in Asia. This time it was North Korea's turn to announce the successful firing of a new type of ballistic missile launched from a submarine, referred to as the Submarine-Launcher Ballistic Missile, or SLBM . But this time it is not an imposing intercontinental missile intended to strike distant strategic targets such as American cities, but a missile of smaller dimensions, the shape and flight plan of which are reminiscent of the tests carried out in recent years by Pyongyang, which posed…

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