Argentina takes one step closer to acquiring Chinese-Pakistani JF-17 Block III fighters

Since the end of the Falklands War, the Argentine government has faced an unfailing blockade from London to prevent it from acquiring new combat aircraft. It is true that with two destroyers, two frigates, a container ship and a Royal Navy assault ship to be credited to Argentine pilots at the controls of their Mirage, Skyhawk and Super-Etendard, we understand that the The hypothesis of seeing Buenos Aires once again acquire a modern air force may hardly please the British authorities. Since all Western combat aircraft are equipped with ejection seats from the British manufacturer Martin Baker, the opposition of…

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Russian Defense Ministry May Acquire Checkmate on Next Programming Law

Until now, the communication from the Russian authorities around the new Checkmate 5th generation single-engine fighter program had only focused on industrial and export aspects. The acquisition of the device by the Russian armed forces had always been a subject carefully avoided by them, especially since the country is already fully committed to a military programming law, or GPV, already very ambitious project extending until 2027, and focusing on the acquisition, in this area, of Su-57, Su-35 and Su-34 fighters and the S70 Okhotnik-B heavy drone to modernize the Russian air force. Add in these conditions the acquisition of a new unplanned device…

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Indonesia to build 2 British Arrowhead 140 frigates

Indonesia has embarked on a major effort to modernize its land, air and naval forces in the coming years, with a rapidly growing army budget. This is how, last June, Jakarta announced to everyone's surprise an order for 6 FREMM frigates of the Bergamini class from the Italian Fincantieri, as well as the progress of negotiations with a view to acquiring 36 Rafale combat aircraft. with France. On the occasion of the DSEI 2021 exhibition, which is being held in London in mid-September, the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, signed with the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, an agreement…

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