The missile race accelerates on the Korean peninsula

After several months of calm, the missile race, whether ballistic or cruise, has undergone a rapid acceleration in recent days on both sides of the 38th parallel of the Korean peninsula. Seoul like Pyongyang have indeed engaged in a show of force posture for a few weeks, this one having reached what one can think of its climax today. Indeed, in just a few hours, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan, so its southern neighbor was carrying out the 3rd and supposedly last qualification test of its launched ballistic missile. SLBM submarine Huynmoo 4-4, and announced the development of a new supersonic anti-cruise ship missile.

Remember that only 2 days ago, September 13, Pyongyang announces successful firing of new cruise missile potentially nuclear with a range greater than or equal to 1500 km, whereas 4 days earlier, on the 9th, it was Seoul which confirmed the first successful firing of its new SLBM Huynmoo 4-4 missile from the new 3000 ton submarine Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, the second stage of a 3-test process that will lead to the qualification of this capability for the South Korean Navy, and whose successful test today hui therefore constitutes the conclusion.

The 3rd test of the SLBM Hyunmoo 4-4 missile ends the missile's testing phase, and paves the way for its next entry into service

As often, little information is available regarding the firing of 2 North Korean ballistic missiles intervened this day. At best, we know that the missiles followed a semi-ballistic trajectory of 800 km before crashing in the Sea of ​​Japan, in the Tokyo EEZ. The particularly low 60 km apogee reached by the missiles confirms their low trajectory to outsmart South Korean and Japanese anti-missile defenses, designed to strike ballistic missiles with a much higher conventional ballistic trajectory to allow kinetic impactors of the missiles. SM-3 of the Aegis system or of the THAAD of the US Army to strike the warhead, both having an engagement floor greater than 60 km.

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