Altay, Black Panther, Oplot: What are modern battle tanks worth? 3/3

It was said to be outdated or too vulnerable, yet the battle tank has experienced a remarkable resurgence of interest in recent years from the major armies of the world. After having presented the main Western, Russian and Chinese tanks in the two previous articles, we are going, in this final analysis, to focus on less known models, and yet powerful and promising, on the operational scene as in the field of export. Make way today for the South Korean K2 Black Panther, the Turkish Atlay, the Japanese Type 10 and the Ukrainian BM Oplot. South Korea: K2 Black Panther Considered by many specialists to be the tank…

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Will Australia cancel contract for 12 Naval Group Shortfin Barracuda submarines?

The information has the effect of a bomb, and has yet to be confirmed by official channels. But according to the site, the Australian government has taken the decision to cancel the contract awarded to the French Naval Group for the design and local construction of 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines. According to the site, Canberra has indeed decided to develop nuclear-powered submarines to replace its Swedish-built Collins-class submarines, relying on an American-British partnership in this area for transfers of technology. This would certainly be news with serious consequences for the French shipbuilder who had…

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The missile race accelerates on the Korean peninsula

After several months of calm, the missile race, whether ballistic or cruise, has experienced a rapid acceleration in recent days on either side of the 38th parallel of the Korean peninsula. Both Seoul and Pyongyang have indeed been engaged in a show of force posture for a few weeks, which has reached what we can think of as its climax today. Indeed, within just a few hours, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan, while its southern neighbor was carrying out the 3rd and supposedly last qualification test of its missile...

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