India approves order for 56 Airbus C295W tactical transport aircraft

Long awaited, the order having been made public in May 2015, the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) gave the green light to begin the delivery of 56 C295W tactical transport aircraft from Airbus Defense and Space. According to the press release, 16 aircraft will be assembled in Spain by Airbus DS and delivered within 48 months of signing the contract, while the other 40 aircraft will be assembled in India by the private group Tata, over a period of 10 years. In addition, all devices will be equipped with a national electronic warfare suite to ensure their security. In addition, Airbus DS will have to set up a hub to ensure the operational maintenance of the aircraft. In 2015, the contract was valued at € 1,9 billion, the updated amount was not announced.

It is undoubtedly a success for Airbus DS and for Spain, the C-295 being a model initially developed by Casa before becoming Airbus. 24,5 meters long for a span of 25,8 meters, this high-wing tactical transport aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW127G turboprop engines of 3000 hp each, giving the aircraft a maximum take-off weight of 23,2 tonnes, and allowing it to carry 7 tonnes of freight or 70 passengers over more than 1500 km at a speed of 300 knots. Evolution of the CN235, the C-295 has quickly met with success since its entry into service in 2001, with 218 aircraft ordered, 187 of which are in service with 29 air forces around the world, including 5 belonging to NATO. In its W version, the aircraft can be equipped with an in-flight refueling capacity, in particular to refuel helicopters thanks to its mass and reduced wake turbulence.

Recognizable by its winglets, the C295W also has more powerful and more economical engines.

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