Poland to invest € 6,75 billion for its short and medium range anti-aircraft defense

While there is much to be said about the pan-American tropism of Warsaw, it remains indisputable that Poland is one of the European countries which is making the greatest effort to modernize its armed forces, and to equip itself with the necessary capacities to cope with high intensity engagement, if any. In the last 3 years alone, the Polish armed forces have announced the acquisition of Patriot PAC-3 batteries for $ 5 billion, 20 HIMARS systems for $ 414 million, 100 Javelin missiles and 80 firing stations for $ 100 million, 5 used C-130H for $ 15 million, 32F-35A for $ 4,6 billion as well as, recently, 250 Abrams M1A2C main battle tanks for an amount of $ 4,5 billion and 24 light MALE TB2 Bayraktar drones for a confidential amount.

At the same time, the country launched negotiations to acquire the two Swedish Södermanland class submarines for an estimated budget of € 250m modernizations included, as well as two competitions, one to acquire 2 attack submarines with conventional propulsion, and the other for 3 medium tonnage frigates. Warsaw also launched the Kurk competition to acquire 32 modern combat helicopters. It must be said that the Polish authorities did not hesitate to put their hand in the wallet to become one of NATO's best students in the field of Defense, going from a budget of $ 8 billion in 2011 representing 1,7 , 11,8% of the country's GDP, to $ 2020 billion in 2,1, for 5% of GDP, thus respecting, 2014 years in advance, the commitments made at the Cardiff summit in XNUMX.

In 2019, Warsaw announced the order for 20 HIMARS long-range artillery systems from Lockheed-Martin, one of several orders for US military materiel placed in recent years by Poland.

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