For the US Army, it becomes urgent to replace the anti-aircraft systems Patriot and Stinger

Over the past 4 years, Raytheon and the US State Department have succeeded in convincing 4 European countries to acquire the MIM-104 Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile system: Sweden, Romania and Poland in 2017 and 2018, and more recently Switzerland in a competition between the American system and the Franco-Italian SAMP / T. In total, there are now 6 European NATO member countries that are implementing this system, to which are added Sweden and Switzerland, which are or will soon be equipped with this system. The portable FIM-92 Stinger system equips 9 European armed forces. These two systems, for the most part acquired in the past decade, therefore represent a major and decisive component of European anti-aircraft defense, and therefore of the security of the old continent, especially since they are also at the heart of the US Army's anti-aircraft defense.

But for General Brian Gibson, commander of the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense cell of the US Army, it is now urgent to replace these two systems inherited from the Cold War, to replace them with new, modern and adapted devices. to the reality of the threat. Speaking on a webcast to the Fires Conference in Oklahoma, the US general said it was no longer possible to build modern anti-aircraft defense based on these weapon systems, even modernized, and that it was now essential to design new systems with “formidable” capacities to meet present and future challenges.

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The Patriot PAC-65's AN / MPQ-3 radar is very powerful and particularly effective, but offers directional-only detection capability. It must be replaced from 2022 by the new LTAMDS AESA radar which will allow the system to offer a 360 ° conversion, thanks to two secondary antennas covering the side and rear sectors, but offering a reduced detection capacity.

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