Russia unveils export version of its new Hermes long-range anti-tank missile

Beyond wandering ammunition and drones, if there is a weapon system that has demonstrated its effectiveness during the conflict between Azeri and Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh In the fall of 2020, it was the Israeli SPIKE NLOS long-range anti-tank missile, which destroyed a large number of Armenian armor and strongholds without the targets ever being aware of being targeted. Like the first generation AT-2 anti-tank missiles which wreaked havoc in the ranks of Israeli armored vehicles during the Yom Kippur War, causing the massive entry of this new type of weaponry into all armies, the anti-tank missile long-range "No Line of Sight" or NLOS, ie capable of being fired without a direct line of sight on the target, is now becoming an essential system in modern anti-tank warfare, and more generally in medium to medium combat. high intensity.

Russia did not wait for the Nagorno-Karabakh War to realize the vulnerability of anti-tank systems to artillery or anti-aircraft systems when equipping aircraft, and began in the early 2010s to develop a new missile for its combat helicopters, the Izdeliye 305 or product 305, more commonly known as Hermes, designed and manufactured by the company KBP Instrument Design Bureau, a subsidiary of the giant Rostec. Intended to replace the 9M120 Ataka missile aboard Mi-28MN helicopters et Modernized Ka-52M, it allows, by its reach of 25 km, its mixed inertial guidance system and infrared seeker with man in the loop, and its military load of 25 kg, to engage enemy armored vehicles and bunkers without having to be exposed to fire. response, while remaining out of the reach of the adversary's close-range anti-aircraft systems. In addition, due to its reach and its final infrared guidance mode, everything suggests that the Izdeliye 305 has a plunging final phase, making it much more difficult to intercept by Hard-Kill systems like the Israeli Trophy. Like the majority of new Russian systems, the Hermes has been combat tested in Syria, with a successful shot listed in 2019.

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