Russia's Strategic Preparedness Achieves Its Objectives

On July 3, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, promulgated a new version of the Military Doctrine and Defense Plan for the Russian Federation, for the period 2021 to 2025. This new doctrine confirms the success of the previous doctrine, from 2016 to 2020, which provided for a major effort to modernize the armed forces, but also their operational preparation and availability, as well as the preparation and resilience of institutions and civil society to possible aggression. In the future, and according to this doctrine, Moscow intends to use armed force wherever necessary to achieve its geopolitical objectives, and if the word “enemy” is never used, nor the term “ally”. moreover, the United States as the European Union are designated as the principal adversaries of the country and its interests.

Interviewed by the Rossiskaya Gazeta site, Michael Popov, the current Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, has thus already warned that Russia would respond "with the greatest firmness" to any provocative action coming from any country, making explicit reference to the incident between the Russian Navy and the British destroyer HMS Defender near the Crimean coast, which could have dramatic consequences in the future. In addition, the Russian authorities now seem to have full confidence in the superiority of their military tool, in particular vis-à-vis NATO and European countries. The target of 70% "modern" equipment in Russian units was met, and even exceeded, during the previous period, to now stand at 71%. This value seems to satisfy the Russian authorities, who now intend to maintain it, while dragging the technological benchmark to maintain efficient and operational armed forces.

The upcoming arrival of the Su-57 and the S70 Okhotnik-B will allow Russia to maintain its military lead over European armies

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