Russia to present new light fighter at MAKS 2021

The Russian Armaments Exhibition MAKS 2021, which will be held from July 20 to 25 near Moscow, will, in all likelihood, see the appearance of a new Russian combat apparatus which will be, according to the TASS agency, the designated competitor of the American F35A. The industrial group Rostec, which brings together the Mig and Sukhoi design offices, among others, intends to make an impression on this occasion, especially on the international scene, even cracking a particularly successful although enigmatic video tease featuring several potential clients of the company : India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and even Argentina, four countries with which Moscow had started discussions, in particular about the Mig-35 or a possible new light fighter of the new generation.

According to the same article, citing Oleg Panteleyev, the executive director of the Aviaport Aviation News Agency, the new aircraft would be a light fighter destined to come complete the range of Russian aircraft alongside the Su-57 which already occupies the heavy segment, and which would be endowed with advanced stealth on several frequency bands, a high thrust-to-weight ratio and significant cargo capacity in the hold and under the wings. According to him, the 120 or so delegations representing 65 countries that will participate in the MAKS 2021 show will undoubtedly be captivated by the new device.

Rostec promotional tease for the presentation of the future combat aircraft at MAKS 2021

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