The hypothesis of the Dassault Falcon 10X for the French Patmar is more than attractive

During her hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, Joëlle Barre, the Delegate General of Armaments, indicated that following the order for 5 P8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes from Boeing by Germany to replace some of its exhausted Orion P3Cs, France should re-evaluate its participation in the Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System, or MAWS, which was supposed to allow the two countries to replace their maritime patrol aircraft. Atlantique 2 and Orion by 2035, based on cooperation between Airbus and Thales. And according to the site, the alternative chosen by Paris could be based on the new Falcon 10X long-range business aircraft currently in development at Dassault Aviation. These announcements, and the indiscretions collected by the always very well informed Michel Cabirol of, mark profound developments, both in the field of Franco-German cooperation in the defense industry, and in the future capabilities that the Navy will have with regard to its maritime patrol, as well as with regard to the role that could well play the future Falcon 10X within the French air and naval forces in the years to come. They also offer promising prospects in many fields, be they industrial, operational and political.

In the first place, this announcement by Joël Barre constitutes in many aspects a clear break with the French posture in its industrial cooperation with Germany on defense issues. Not only does Paris warn of its very likely withdrawal from the MAWS program in the short term, but it does so indirectly, precisely in the same way as that applied by Berlin about the acquisition of its P8A, of which the French authorities were informed through the press. This undoubtedly marks a certain form of exasperation and a perceptible deep annoyance on the part of the French authorities vis-à-vis Germany, both with regard to the MAWS program and the other programs undertaken. Thus, Jöel Barre hinted, during the same hearing, that France would certainly take the initiative to move forward alone in the Tiger 3 program relating to the modernization of Tiger combat helicopters, while Germany is continuing in this file to play the watch, and that it would have solicited, there too, Boeing and the American FMS for an offer relating to Apache AH-64E helicopters, and this even if, in these files, the wrongs are obviously shared and the perceptions disparate depending on whether one is German or French.

The Tiger 3, successor to the Tigre HAD, will probably be the next program that France decides to conduct without Germany

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