24 additional Sea-Ceptor anti-aircraft missiles for British Type 45 destroyers

Like the Horizon air defense frigates of the French Navy and the Italian Navy, the 6 British Type 45 destroyers of the Daring class are equipped, for anti-aircraft defense, with 6 vertical launch systems for SYLVER 50 missiles for 48 silos containing a mix of Aster 15 missiles with a range of 30 km, and Aster 30 missiles with a range greater than 120 km. Referred to as the Sea Viper by the Royal Navy, this system provides global protection to the destroyer, as well as to the ships it escorts, against many types of threats, such as combat aircraft or anti-ship missiles. In addition, and still like the 4 Horizon frigates, each destroyer has a reserved space at the front of the ship, making it possible to receive, if necessary, 2 additional Sylver systems, or 16 Aster missiles.

But the Royal Navy will finally have decided in favor of another alternative when modernizing its ships, in order to strengthen their operational potential and face the new threats that have appeared since the building was designed in the early 2000s. In a mixture of budgetary opportunism and operational anticipation, it will in fact place in place of this reserved space, a Sea Ceptor system with 24 CAAM (Common Anti-Air Modular) missiles designed by MBDA and with a range greater than 25 km (and therefore an alternative to the Aster 15) which will be taken from one of the Type 23 frigates which will soon be withdrawn from service, and which had received this system during their last modernization phase . At the same time, the SYLVER silo Aster 15s will be replaced by the Aster 30s, providing each ship with impressive anti-aircraft firepower, in addition to versatility and an ability to withstand saturation attacks equivalent to that of the best destroyers of the moment, like the Arleigh Burke Flight III of the US Navy, or the Japanese Maya.

Launch of a CAAM missile from a Royal Navy Type 23 frigate. The missile is derived from the ASRAAM short-range Air-Air missile, which notably equips the Typhoons of the Royal Air Force.

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