Armor, suit and exoskeleton: When Science Fiction leads the way

Whether it's armor to increase the resistance of the body, or camouflage outfits to exacerbate the discretion and stealth of soldiers, soldiers have been wearing protective clothing and appendages for several millennia. Today, we are seeing the beginnings of a new generation of systems intended both to protect and to increase the combatant's power and resistance, and sometimes to erase him from the adversary's detection systems, whether either in the form of exoskeletons, connected “body-armor”, or adaptive camouflage outfits. In this field, science fiction has, for many years, paved the way, both in literature,…

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South Korea tested the launch of a ballistic missile below the surface

As we knew, South Korea invests consistently in the development of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, in order to be able, as far as doing this little, to counter the growing threat represented by the North Korean ballistic arsenal. This is how the country has developed, since the beginning of the 80s, the family of surface-to-surface Hyunmoo missiles, initially designed with a transfer of technology from the United States in exchange for commitments from Seoul on the maximum range of the weapons developed, then within the framework of a partnership with Moscow during the 90s, which enabled the second generation of missiles, the Hyunmoo 2, to integrate…

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