China to build 119 new silos for nuclear intercontinental missiles

Dance a speech which is intended to be the founder of the future of China and of the Chinese Communist Party Given on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the CCP, President Xi Jinping hammered home his country's determination to ensure the protection of its territorial integrity and interests, calling for the acceleration of the strengthening and modernization of the People's Liberation Army, faced with an opponent who, without ever being directly named, is however designated as the origin of all the evils that have hit China since 1840 during the Opium War, namely the West. It is in this quasi-martial context that two specialists in Chinese military questions, Jeffrey Lewis and Decker Eveleth, have unearthed, by carefully analyzing a large number of satellite images, the construction of a new site which appears to be dedicated to launching intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBM, on the desert plateaus of Gunza province, in the north of the country, between Mongolia and Tibet.

Admittedly, Beijing had already announced its intention to strengthen its strategic defense capabilities, by devoting $ 500 billion over the next 10 years, and $ 1.200 billion over 30 years, to develop and increase its capacities in this area. But the construction of this new site, and its 119 silos for ICBM missiles capable of striking both Europe and the United States, constitutes a major break in the current dimensioning of the Chinese forces, which do not have to date, that less than a hundred of these missiles, of which only 16 would be in hardened silos. In addition, the various pictures of the area surrounding the small town of Yumen near which the new strategic complex is said to be under construction, show that the works would not have started until February 2021, and that the new infrastructures, including the silos but also the command bunkers and a vast underground network, are being built at a very high speed.

The location of the 119 silos spotted by Jeffrey Lewis and Decker Eveleth in Gunza province near the town of Yumen

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