China officially top priority for Pentagon now

As we know, many Pentagon services have estimated in recent years, even months, that the rise of Chinese military force has become the main threat to the United States and its allies, in the Pacific Theater as well as in the world. . But a confidential directive of which the American site has been informed, shows that from now on, it is the whole of the Pentagon which considers that this threat is the priority of the American armies, to the point of entrusting the exclusive piloting of it to the Secretary of Defense himself, General Lloyd Austin, who will have the charge of defining and implementing the "Chinese" policy of the Pentagon. This is an event of rare significance in the United States, because even the most influential Secretaries of Defense, like Donald Rumsfeld or Robert McNamara, have never been in charge of such a specific mission. vis-à-vis a major potential adversary.

This appointment gives the Secretary of Defense extensive decision-making and control power over many aspects, in particular over the implementation of the new Joint Warfighting doctrine which, much more than the development of new weapon systems or new ones. offensive technologies, constitutes the heart of the short-term response of the American armies to counter Chinese power in the years to come. If the heart of this doctrine is based on the Joint All-Domain Communication & Command system, or JADC2, developed by the US Air Force, its management is now assigned directly to Secretary Austin, clearly showing the decisive role that this new approach represents for the Pentagon.

The JADC2 doctrine, aimed at increasing and optimizing the exchange of information and cooperation between all units present on the battlefield or in support thereof, is at the heart of the American strategy to respond in the short term to the rise in power of the Chinese armed forces.

The technical and operational aspects are not the only ones to come within the perimeter of the new attributions of the American Secretary of Defense. Indeed, and concomitantly with the efforts made by Joe Biden since his inauguration, and whose first effects will be felt during the current European tour of the American president, Lloyd Austin will also be in charge of consolidating the network of alliances of the United States. United, whether in the Pacific as on the rest of the planet, to present a united front of "Western democracies" against China, and thus, it is hoped, to dissuade it from implementing potentially very serious policies. risky. We naturally think of the situation in the South China Sea, where Beijing claims full possession of the majority of islets and reefs listed on “historical” grounds, in full contradiction of international regulations, creating a growing number of areas of tension. with its neighbors like Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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